Government 28th April

Asociación Empresarial de Diseño y Producción de Stands y Eventos

Government 28th April

28th April

We were fortunate to attend the Business Events Pilot yesterday in Liverpool as a delegate. The primary focus was to enable the scientists to monitor the behaviour of delegates, who had prior to the event presented a negative test (and are asked to undertake a further test within 5 days). When in the venue there was no requirement to wear face masks or socially distance, and it was fascinating to see people’s reactions and growing confidence. From a personal perspective all the value of attending live events came flooding back, reconnecting with old colleagues / connecting with people, hearing content which reaffirms beliefs / hearing new content to challenge progressive behaviour, arranged meetings and chance encounters which strengthen relationships and move forward with plans and objectives. Having observed the buzz and energy, and the quick and easy change of behaviour I have no doubt that our customers will quickly revert back and embrace face to face events and the serendipity they bring which can’t be replicated on line.

4th May

We presented at the APPG for Events who had called for evidence and information on Covid Certification – the meeting was Chaired by Theresa Villiers, and attended by a number of MP’s. We were able to reiterate the main points of our statement, and the benefits of covid certification for international travel and business.

We have been invited to attend the Business Events Pilot in Liverpool on Wednesday, which we are looking to reporting back on.


5th May

The Business Events Reopening Group (BERG) met 5th May. Phase 1 events are mostly completed, and data being collated according to plan. Anecdotal feedback is positive from organisers, venues, suppliers and participants. A list of potential events for Phase 2 (from mid May to early June) is being reviewed by the Cabinet office – however we were again reminded it is ‘settings not sectors’, and signs suggest these are likely to be more sporting events. The next meeting is on the 19th May, where we hope to obtain more granular feedback on the research findings and recommendations, plus details of Phase 2 pilots.

6th May

Lucy Powell, the Shadow Minister for Business and Consumers, has invited us to a closed high level roundtable discussion on the challenges faced by the sector currently, in the short term as events re-open, and afterwards. She acknowledged our contributions and information sharing to date, and we see this as a great opportunity in our developing relationships across Whitehall.


10th May

Indoor and outdoor events can take place, but measures apply including following COVID-secure and social distancing guidance.

  • Events permitted from Step 3 (which include business events such as conferences and exhibitions, live performances, and sport events) should follow all COVID-secure guidance, adhere to all legal requirements, and take all reasonable action to mitigate risk to public health. An event cannot take place in either Step 2 or Step 3 if it is unlikely that social distancing between groups of attendees can be maintained, or if other COVID-secure requirements cannot be met. This may be the case for events such as music festivals and carnivals.
  • Capacity restrictions apply to both indoor events (1,000 people or 50% of a site or venue’s capacity, whichever is lower) and outdoor events (4,000 people or 50% of a site or venue’s capacity, whichever is lower).
  • Further guidance can be found in the sections for business meetings and events and other events and attractions, and in the organised events guidance for local authorities.

Useful to know…

We often get asked what ‘seats at the table’ we have and where we gain our representation,  Hopefully the following provides this picture.

  • Member of the Events Industry Board, run by DCMS – regularly attended by the Minister for Sport and Civil Society
  • Member of the PBS Stakeholder Group, run by BEIS – always attended by the Minister of State for Trade
  • Member of the Business Events Reopen Group, senior stakeholder group reporting directly into the Events Research Programme
  • Members of Business Visits and Events Partnership, providing a route to number officials and departments
  • Contributor to the APPG for Events, Chaired by Minister Theresa Villiers
  • Contributor to the APPG for Businesses in a Pandemic (Covid) World, Chaired by Minister Ben Everitt
  • Participation in TIER, Tourism Industry Emergency Response Group, facilitated by Visit Britain
  • Liaison with officials within the Tourism and Events Team at DCMS, daily input into research requests and planning
  • Liaison with officials within the Professional Business Services Team at BEIS, daily input into research requests and planning
  • Ad hoc meetings with various ministers, including Lord Grimstone (BEIS), Nigel Huddleston and Oliver Dowden (DCMS)
  • Members of BERG – Event Recovery Programme senior team for Business Events. Attended by senior scientists, senior DCMS representation and ministerial attendance by Nigel Huddlestone.


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